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Being born in the "Hit Recording Capital Of The World" has a funny way of influencing your life. This is even more so for Christian White. A classically trained musician from a young age, Christian found his groove when he picked up his first guitar at the age of 13. This groove has led him to multiple East Coast tours with numerous bands and his current position as a singer/songwriter who is part of up and coming indie/country band Outlaw Apostles.

Christian's musical journey began while playing in the Florence High School Marching Band. During concert season, Christian played Cello. He played it so well he was invited to audition for the Shoals Symphony Orchestra where he held a chair for over 8 years. Being from a musical family, Christian regularly learned about other instruments. At the age of 13, he became infatuated with the guitar styles of Jimmy Hendrix and John Mayer. These influence led to Christian forming his first band, The Paper Trails. 

The Paper Trails disbanded as all first time projects do, but led to the formation of The Valley Roots. This is where Christian got his break into the world of professional music. The Valley Roots were scouted and invited to play at South By Southwest in Austin, TX. Upon returning home, the band recorded a debut album and went on their first East Coast tour to support it. Christian was in good company and enjoying the road life with band mates Edward Armstead,  Quinn Stanphill (Riley Green), Eric Rich, CJ Anderson, Brittany Letsinger, and later Evan Lane (replacing Quinn as he went on tour with Riley Green) Taylor Cheatwood (Replacing Armstead)(Aloe Blacc, Michael McDonald, Brent Smith), and Tyler Ross (Replacing Anderson). As all good things, The Valley Roots disbanded in 2017. Christian and Evan worked together to found a music academy in Sheffield, AL called JAMM. They pulled from their music connections to create a diverse staff that could teach technical skills as well as music theory.

While teaching at JAM, Christian worked as a guitar slinger for hire. He could be found in bands like Alecia Elliot, Loki Coyote, Crooked Oak, The Jordan Denton Band, The Cole Nichols Band, Dylan LeBlanc, and more. He also used the time to write and build relationships with musicians in Nashville & Memphis. While working with out of state artists, Christian was introduced to someone from his own back yard, Bay Simpson. Simpson asked Christian and Evan to join his newly formed band The Outlaw Apostles.  Taking on a full time gig with a band that was being actively scouted and the changing real estate marked, led to the closure of the JAMM Academy to pursue the career that Christian and Evan where meant to do. This is where we find Christian on his musical journey, a musician/singer who is part of an up and coming band and a songwriter who has songs being pitched to top artists in Nashville, TN.

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